WIN Compilation [Video]
Fails happen everyday but it's a rarity to come across a legit WIN!
These are magical moments in time that are suppose to be fails but do to magic they turn out pretty awesome. In some of these videos I will admit I wanted them to turn into fails.
WIN: Pigeon Dueling [Video]
Pigeon Dueling its the new game that everybody can play! Just make sure you have a rabies vaccine ready.
People are great with coming up with ideas when your bored. Let's be honest there isn't much you can do in this world. Playgrounds are too dangerous, and bears tend to attack you when you go for a…
Parents Make Baby Slide Down A Flight Of Stairs [Video]
I'm sure a baby sliding down a flight of stairs is a bad thing 9 out of 10 times.  Luckily we have the video of the 10th time!  The worst part about this is that you know this is not the first time they have lured the baby down the stairs.  Check out this years front runners for …