National ‘Go Topless Day’ Is Coming Sunday August 26th [Video]
In just a few days it will be time to shed that pesky shirt, and show the world what you've got because Sunday August 26th is 'National Go Topless Day'!
What is Go Topless Day you ask?  Well lucky for you, we have a PG13 video that explains the equal topless rights movement for yo…
Think You Have Been Cheated On? You’ll Proabably Never Know
So you think that maybe your partner is cheating?  You had better believe that ignorance is bliss because you'll probably never know for sure, especially if you are a man!
A new study shows that women are MUCH better at cheating than men are, and by better I mean not getting caught.
Three Grandmothers Read 50 Shades Of Grey (NSFW) [Video]
Three grandmothers who became Internet sensations for their hilarious chat on Kim Kardashian's infamous sex tape are now giving their candid opinions of the best-selling book 50 Shades of Grey.
The three elderly women revealed their impressions of the various sex acts featured in the erotic no…
The Top Ten Reasons Both Men And Women Get Dumped
Have you ever thought things were going great in a new relationship and then all of a sudden you're getting dumped?  It happens to pretty much every man and woman at some point, but most never figure out why.
Now with the help of the site WotWentWrong, there is a list of reasons according t…
Women Are Better Drivers Than Men, Without Question
A study of traffic violations, collisions and insurance statistics of American men and women found women were much better drivers.
According to a safe driving study, about 80 percent of all fatal and serious U.S. car crashes were caused by male drivers.

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