On Average Women Look At A Mirror Eight Times A Day
The average woman knows exactly how she looks at most any point during the day, according to a new study.  The average woman will check her reflection eight times a day, using everything from a mirror to a cell phone picture of themselves.
The Similarities Between Police And Women [Video]
JerryLaVigneJr touches on the similarities between women and police, and I have to say this made perfect sense!
Just think about it for a second before you click on this article. A cop and a woman share so many similarities it's scary!
What Men Say When Horny [Video]
JerryLaVigneJr  gives the honest truth on what men think and what they're willing to say to get into your pants ladies. This dude is hilarious.
Yes, Virginia, Women Really Are Catty with Each Other
Well here’s a whopping non-surprise: a new study reveals women aren’t always very nice to one other, primarily when other women are attractive.
Women recruited for a phony study by University of Ottowa professor Tracy Vaillancourt were interrupted by another woman walking into the room du…
Slut Walk 2011 [VIDEO]
Umm yeah it's exactly what it sounds like...Slut Walk 2011 of course it's in Toronto. This all started because a police or (mounty) told a group of women to "Avoid dressing like sluts" and that kids is how the Slut Walk began! Check it out for yourself.
Pole Dancing For Jesus? [VIDEO]
Some women in Texas are finding their inner stripper...for Jesus!! They get together every second Sunday each month and get it in!! A lot of people are upset with the group putting this class together, but I don't see a problem with it...WWJD?? lol Check out the video
No NFL Means More Lingerie Bowl!
Whoever runs the Lingerie Football League...if I can even call it that. Says if there is no NFL season this year that the Lingerie Bowl will play on Sunday's!! As much as I'd like to see half naked TRY and play football on Sunday's, I have no intrest in playing Madden 2012 Lingerie Ed…