20 Rappers & Singers Who Suffered From Addiction
While some superstars are able to overcome addiction and clean up their acts quietly and swiftly, it takes others years of struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and “rock bottom” career-threatening moments including arrests, near-death experiences or worse to admit that help is needed.…
New Music Mondays Yelawolf – Trunk Muzik Returns [Free Download]
One of favorite white rappers is back and he has a brand new beard to show off!
The first time I heard Yelawolf rap it was while i was watching this video to "Pop the Trunk".
It was was something about his dark video even darker lyrics, and lighting quick rhymes that caught my attent…
Yelawolf-The Heart of Dixie[Free Music Download]
free download

Yelawolf one of the most underrated rappers ( not just white, but all rappers)  and one of my personal favorites is back and has something to prove.
After a disappointing debut album on Shady Records, the rapper from Mobile, Alabama is back with his Southern pride, and tongue twisti…
Yelawolf Fights A Fan During His Concert [Video]
Yelawolf was on stage in California for a show when one fan decided to get a little to up close and personal.
The crowd was getting a little rowdy when one of the surfers was tossed up on stage.  At first it looked as if he was going to dap 'Yela' and move on, but it definitely didn&ap…
Yelawolf Addresses MGK Beef With Tim Westwood [Video]
While overseas Yelawolf linked up with the legendary BBC radio DJ Tim Westwood for an exclusive interview. Westwood hit's on some of the ordinary questions, but then asks about the MGK/Yelawolf beef that has surface.
See what Yela had to say about MGK and the so called 'Beef' below.

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