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10 Rap Songs That Mention President Obama’s Name
Happy birthday, President Obama! What better to celebrate Barack Obama's born day (Aug. 4, 1961) than to honor him with a top 10 list of rap songs that mention his name.
Most rappers have been inspired by our 44th president. However, there are a few outspoken emcees who have expressed their cond…
Doughboy Cashout Feat. Young Jeezy Mob Life (remix) [Audio]
Earlier during the week Detroit underground artists Doughboy Cashout made the announcement that they recently signed with Atlanta artists Young Jeezy.
Immediately after signing their contract Young Jeezy jumped on their street single "Mob Life remix"...
B-Ray’s Podcast: Young Jeezy Vs RickRoss [Podcast]
We start off this podcast with a heated debate on who is the better overall rapper, Young Jeezy or Rick Ross?
Special guest Chris Hampton steps into the studio with the usual cast of knuckle heads to sit down and really dive into this debate.

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