Cremations Are On The Rise
Almost half of America is choosing Cremation over burial now after their ticket is punched.  Funeral homes are making adjustments to accommodate, but what is the motivation for the spike in Cremations?
Hornady Zombie Max Bullets In High Demand After Attacks [Video]
All the talk about zombies and a possible zombie apocalypse has lead to an increase in demand for Zombie Bullets. The recent gory accounts of drug-induced, flesh-eating attacks in the news are creeping people out, even more.
Stores across the U.S. are getting in on the undead action by selling Z…
Watch The Miami Zombie Attack Prank [Video]
A video of a prank zombie attack going around the internet is being criticized as both insensitive and dangerous after the recent cannibal attack of a homeless man in Miami.
The video shows a young guy running around the streets pretending to be a zombie wearing a ripped, bloodied shirt, growling a…
Man Stabbed Himself Then Threw His Skin & Intestines At Officers
A man stabbed himself and threw pieces of his skin and intestines at New Jersey police officers trying to subdue him.
Cops responded to reports of a man barricaded in a room in Hackensack and threatening to harm himself. Two officers kicked in the door and saw the guy in a corner, holding a knife …
Michigan State University Teaches Zombie Survival [Video]
Do you think your brains are to valuable to be eaten?
Do you have what it takes to start humanity over after a zombie attack?
Do you actually believe that MSU is offering a class about zombie survival?
If you answered yes or no to any of these questions, then you need to watch the video below.
Massive Solar Flare Will Reach Earth Today [Video]
See that big ball of fire and gas in the picture above?  It let out a burst of energy bigger than anything we've seen in the last five years and it will get to Earth today!
The video show's HD close up's of the solar flare exploding from the surface of the sun and heading toward e…
Zombies Need Love Too [Video/Song]
For some reason, everyone loves a Zombie nowadays.  Maybe its the brain eating, leg dragging, aimless moaning appeal that gets us.  Whatever it is, Valentines day is coming up, and there are plenty of elidgable single zombies out there that would love some love.  Just let Ray William …
Couple Documents Zombie Attack on Facebook
Some women show affection on their boyfriends' Facebook profiles. This one showed her beau that she wanted to eat his brains. In an elaborate saga played out over Facebook posts, a young woman named Diane feigned a bite from the undead, turning her into a brain-hungry, bleary-eyed zombie, after her …