Little Girl Plays With Lion [Video]
It's all fun and games until those two pieces of glass holding the lion and little girl apart come down.
Keep teasing the lion. Just wait til one gets loose.  Then it won't be so funny. Well, yea it would.
Baby Bear Is Stuck In A Tree [Video]
Remember the first time you tried to climb a tree, and realized that you were too high?  Be thankful that your mom was not a bear!
This is footage that was shot at a zoo in Switzerland, as a baby bear was stuck in a tree.  The mom and another cub do what they can to get the baby down.
Lion Wants To Eat That Baby [Video]
Trips to the zoo are always a good time for the whole family.  Kids get to see animals up close that they would normally never be able to.  They also get to see what those animals might want to do to them if there were no barrier.  Watch what happens when this toddler sees a kitty, an…
Penguin Gets Tickled [Video]
Penguin gets tickled at Cincinnati Zoo. I just had a cuteness attack!  No matter how your day is going after watching this video. I promise you that you will be looking up how to own your own penguin. It's getting to a point with me that it's no longer a want......it's a NEED!!!!…