The Republican Presidential Debate takes the stage in Detroit tonight, but Ted Cruz may have already convinced Michigan to vote for him after his Bad Lip Reading video.

Sure, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich will be lobbing jabs at each other all night, but Cruz is the only one that can say that he eats human hair . . .

The Republican campaign has been ugly, and hard to watch.  Thank god for the good people at Bad Lip Reading for making it tolerable.

While Ted Cruz' video might not actually win him any more votes in Michigan, (even though it should) it will definitely keep me laughing as I watch the Detroit debate tonight.

You can watch tonight's debate on FOX News at 9pm, or online at

After the name calling has stopped, and the dust has settled, we can only hope that the Bad Lip Reading people will do their thing.  Just like they did for the first Democratic Debate.