19 year old Jeremy Wand is sent to jail for life after killing his three young nephews for $300.According to reports, 19 year old Jeremy Wand from Wisconsin  killed his three young nephews and tried to kill his young niece and his pregnant sister-in-law -- all by burning down their house. His 2 year old niece, Jessica, escaped the burning building and Jeremy tried to throw her back in but in the end she still managed to escape. Jeremy did it all for US$300. He's been sentenced to life in prison. But the judge ruled that he's eligible for parole. Why? Because the judge believes he was being coerced and influenced by his mother and brother.

Now, we know why Jeremy did it but who offered him the money? It was Jeremy's older brother, Armin, who wanted his wife, four kids, and unborn child all dead. He wanted to start a fresh and was planning on using the insurance policies to help him do so. Armin and his wife's divorce were almost finalized at the time so I don't have a doubt in my mind that that had something to do with it.