This is the most disgusting story you will hear today when a Tennessee woman decided to steal her boyfriend's money and hide it in her rectum.  I can't believe this was even attempted.

Christine Black fell for a trap set by her boyfriend to see if she would steal his money and drugs.  Bobby Gulley, Christine's boyfriend, hid the money in a medicine ball with some drugs.  When Bobby woke up from his nap, he noticed Christine was awake and acting weird.

After questioning Christine, Bobby was told that she took the money and hid it up her rectum.  The booty money thief was also throwing up the drugs in the bathroom toilet.  Ms.Black told the police she stole the money because Gulley was going to throw her out and she need cash to find a place to stay.

Ms. New Booty tried to extract the cash from her butt in the restroom with toilet brush and some tongs.  Christine quickly found out the money wasn't coming out without medical attention.  She started bleeding quickly and had to be rushed to the hospital.

The money was extracted but will be used for evidence in the case against Christine Black.  She was arrested and charged with thief over $1000.00.  I know women hide things in their bras but to place anything up your rectum is extremely dangerous and stupid.

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