Initially I thought this was another case of bad parenting when a Texas man was arrested after leaving his kids in the car only to return to find the car towed.  I think this dad should get a pass. 

Victor Ruiz parked his car outside his apartment to drop off some groceries real fast. The Texas father left his two daughters in the car for just a moment.  Parked in a no parking zone, a tow truck driver struck gold and loaded up Ruiz car.

Witnesses of the incident said they tried to warn the tow truck driver that kids were in the car.  Instead of waiting on the dad to return, the driver just snapped a picture of the kids and sped off.  Ruiz and neighbors chased down the truck but was met with police.

The tow truck driver noticed the two kids in the car after traveling two miles down the road.  The advantageous tow truck driver's call to the police placed Ruiz under arrested and charge with two counts of abandoning a child.

After watching the news clip of the witness revealing what happened, I believe the tow truck driver was trying to make some money.  You don't just tow a car with kids in it because that is a liability lawsuit just waiting to happen.  Do you feel the Ruiz was wrongfully arrested?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

via Local 2