A Texas man mistakenly shoots his girlfriend while arguing with his ex-girlfriend which ultimately screams bad luck in the ladies department. For some reason I believe this was caused by Jerry Springer. 

A San Antonio man got into a argument with his ex-girlfriend after she arrived to his home and the altercation broke out.  In anger or defense, the poor shooter went for his gun to end the altercation.

Coming back to the argument with his shotgun, the current girlfriend jumped in front of him to prevent him from shooting the ex-girlfriend.  She was really trying to help the situation but ended up getting shot in the chest.

Police investigators say the gun shot was unintentional towards the current girlfriend which sent her to the hospital.  The wounded woman has been upgraded to 'stable' which is fortunate for her boyfriend.

Police have arrested and charged the Texas man with suspicion of aggravated assault. What do you think this guy has to do to win his wounded girlfriend back after this horrible accident?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

via Gawker