The idiot of the day award goes to a Texas man who taunted the local police on Facebook and was arrested 15 minutes later.  Social media sites are truly making people dumb faster by the day. 

Rolando Lozano and his brother, Damien, were suspects in burglarizing 17 cars on Sunday.  Police were able to arrest Damien but his brave brother was still at large.  Rolando took to the infamous social media site to taunt the police.

Rolando left the taunt on his 'wanted' picture that the police department posted.  How stupid are you?  Well, the community helped bring this idiot of the day to justice within five minutes.  Tips from Facebook users sent police to the hideout of a relative for Lozano home.

Flint, if you're going to be dumb enough to commit a crime, do not brag about it on Facebook.  Do not taunt the police department.  The best thing to do is to not commit a crime and just live a great life.  Lozano should get extra jail time for being so stupid.