I think I am in agreement with the Texas McDonalds' who will not serve customers who come in sagging.  We've seen attempts to motivate young adults to pull their pants up but could this work in Flint?

North Dallas, Texas McDonald's have posted signs on doors and windows saying they will not serve anyone with sagging pants.  Loquita Record, 60 year old woman owner of Record BBQ, says her restaurant was first to place a ban on sagging pants in her establishment.  Now, the golden arches are joining her.

Dallas City Council member Dwaine Caraway is spearheading this movement to sweep the Dallas area and now McDonald's has joined him.  Caraway believes ultimately this move will be great for business and hygiene.  The ambitious council was reported saying,

"You can let some money chase away the real money, the long-term money," he said. "And I'm sure McDonald's and other restaurants would rather sell a hundred hamburgers versus five."

Again, I think this movement is a great idea but will need other resources to join in.  I think sagging is played out and really not a great look in public.  With tensions high on racial profiling, we have to do our part to secure our safety.  If we're walking around sagging, we are giving everyone a chance to harass us.  Pull up the pants folks, really.

I want to hear from you, should Flint, MI follow behind the no sagging movement similar to what is happening in Dallas?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.