After watching the Amazing Spider Man 2 trailer, I want to see the film now.  With so many superhero films releasing in the past 10 years, this Spider Man film may be the best of them all.  Yes, I know that is a reach but watch the trailer and decide for yourself. 

The trailer reveals that Spider Man will have to fight against three villains, Rhino, Electro, and Green Goblin.  Is that enough to pack into the first trailer? Typically yes but this trailer gives us even more details about what is to come. Electro will be the main villain and OsCorp will be the headquarters of all things evil.

The trailer is jammed packed with clues and action but don't overlook the relationship scenes with Mary Jane and Aunt Mae.  The Amazing Spider Man 2 trailer will wet your appetite for awhile until May 2014.  Look for this film to be a guaranteed box office smash.