The attractive Iggy Azalea 'The New Classic' album release date has finally been revealed.  After many failed attempts to release the debut album, fans are now closer to hearing her full body of work. 

Iggy has released two mixtapes since coming onto the scene under the guidance of rapper T.I., 'Ignorant Art' and 'Trap Gold.' With two radio singles, 'Change Your Life' and 'Work,' hitting the airwaves, it seems the time is right to release her album.  Just recently, 'Animal Noise' was released from the Australian emcee as her introduction for the new year.

The 23 year old attended the Grammys but had a wardrobe change after showing up in a white dress and switching to leather pants.  Expect the debut album, 'The New Classic' from Iggy Azalea to release on April 14th, 2014.