I am totally against getting anyone's name or face tattooed on my body.  Am I not against anyone else doing it, so go right ahead.  I guess the beautiful Amber Rose knew my stance because she inked her fiance, Wiz Khalfia, smiling face on her arm.  You have to see the picture below. 

Since birthing Sebastian, the son of Wiz, Amber has been on a tattoo craze.  Over the weekend she added to her catalog of ink by permanently playing a smiling, happy face of emcee Wiz on her arm. In addition to Wiz, she inked her mother's face on her body as well.

I must be old school because I don't think it is ever a good idea to tattoo someone face on your body.  What if things just don't work out?  Rose already has covered up a tattoo of the name of her high school boyfriend with a rose.  Now, she inks Wiz face?

The couple are celebrities and high profile relationships do not last long, typically.  I think they can eventually be one of the few relationship that last.  However the numbers are against them.  Overall, it is not my body or my decision.  Good luck to Amber and Wiz.

Is inking someone's face on your body going too far or is it the new trend?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts of Amber's new tattoo.