The 2013 NBA Draft Lottery always stirs up the talks of conspiracy especially when your team gets hosed.  Luckily the Pistons landed just about where everyone expected, but no true Piston fan is happy about who got the number one overall pick.

The lottery gives every team that did not make the NBA playoffs odds based on regular-season records.  The Cleveland Cavaliers will pick first overall, marking the third time in 11 years that the Cavs have held the first pick.  The Orlando Magic will take the No. 2 pick despite their 25% shot at the first pick, compared to the Cavaliers' 15.6% odds.

The real surprise came when the Washington Wizards were selected third. The Wizards were slotted eighth but leaped five spots because of the lottery. The Wizards also picked third last season.

The 2013 NBA draft takes place on June 27 in New York, and it marks one of the most balanced drafts in recent years.

Top 10 Draft Order:
1. Cleveland Cavaliers
2. Orlando Magic
3. Washington Wizards
4. Charlotte Bobcats
5. Phoenix Suns
6. New Orleans Pelicans
7. Sacramento Kings
8. Detroit Pistons
9. Minnesota Timberwolves
10. Portland Trail Blazers

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