Did you know that the average family dog is the source for almost 2,000 fights over its lifetime?

It seems like "mans best friend" wouldn't be the source of so many arguments, but a new study finds that to be the case.

Check out a list of the top 20.

According to the Daily Mail the average dog lives 12.8 years and causes 156 fights every year. That's an average of one fight every 2.3 days, and almost 2,000 over its life.

The fights aren't always big,  but they're still fights.  The survey also found a list of the top 20 fights caused by dogs.  Here they are, in order.

#1.)  What to do with the dog when you're going out.

#2.)  Who should walk the dog.

#3.)  Whether the dog should be allowed on the bed.

#4.)  Whether the dog should be allowed upstairs.

#5.)  Who should clean up the dog poop in the backyard.

#6.)  Being too harsh on the dog.

#7.)  Letting the dog on the couch.

#8.)  Spending too much money on the dog.

#9.)  Training the dog.

#10.)  Feeding the dog from the table.

#11.)  Who should babysit or look after the dog.

#12.)  Grooming.

#13.)  Damage caused by the dog.

#14.)  Who chose to get the dog in the first place.

#15.)  Who cleans up when the dog makes a mess in the house.

#16.)  Who cleans up when the dog throws up.

#17.)  Treating the dog too much like a human.

#18.)  Allowing the dog into rooms it's not allowed in.

#19.)  Children's toys being eaten.

#20.)  Shoes being chewed.

Even with all that, a dog is still the number one pet choice in America and most people say they fight about kids more.

Do you find yourself getting into a lot of these arguments?