Rita Ora flirted with YaBoyLV this afternoon, just before heading over to Encore Sports Grill for a performance of her hit song ‘Party and BS.'

Rita Ora stopped by the studio and to my surprise, flirted with me! I wasn’t going to tell her to stop because this could have been the door opening for our marriage.

I have seen several photos of Rita Ora online and knew how beautiful she would be, but in person her beauty was magnified.

Rita Ora and I didn’t talk for a long time but during our conversation she was flirting with me. How many men can say that? I hope not too many.

Rita told me she liked the sound of my voice. "I heard you as I was driving down - smooth voice!" At this moment, I started to hear romantic music in the background of my mind. But I quickly regained focus. Does Rita Ora like to party?

"I really like to party," said the 21-year-old rising star. "That's why my single's called 'Party and BS.'"

"I love having whiskey and ginger ale. I prefer house parties. House parties are the best."

Does anyone ever try to pick her up at any of these parties?

"Okay, imagine me and you are sitting, drinking a bit of whiskey, all of a sudden, I hear, "Rita."

"I went 'Yeah?'

"He went: "I can feel your 'Ora.'"

No way! No way was it worse than the pick-up line Ian used on her in New York.

How does she feel about working with the illustrious Shawn Carter?

"It's a great, great name to have behind me. Of course there are expectations. It's like sink or swim, and you have to make sure you take your time with it. I wrote stuff, scrapped it, wrote stuff, scrapped it."

From the sound of her new single, 'Party and BS,' it was worth the work.