Our community has held on to the 'no snitching' culture for too long.  The lack of helping the police with leads has closed too many homicide cases that need proper closure.  Crime Stoppers believe the 'No Snitching' culture is a huge barrier. 

Julie Lopez runs the Genesee County Crime Stoppers operation and believe people should come forward with tips.  Crime Stoppers has placed necessary safeguards in place to keep tipsters identity anonymous.  However, more tips are needed to help solve the crimes in our beloved city.

"We don't want to know who they are." Lopez said. "If we don't have anonymity, then we don't have a business."

People can leave tips in three different ways.  You can call your tip in at 1-800-SPEAKUP or online at www.1800SPEAKUP.org.  Lastly, you text your tip in by texting CSM to 274637.

The 'no-snitching' rule needs to be re-defined.  Snitching is defined as placing blame on co-conspirator but we confuse it as being a witness.  When we give police tips of crimes we are not involved in, we're actually a witness.  I think Flint should rethink about withholding information that could lead to the arrest of criminals.