For as long as we've been surfing the web, we've been discovering and creating new memes for future generations to study. Once in a great while a meme comes along that defies all logic, and presents those who've witnessed its glory with questions as to whether or not it was worth it to create something just because you could.

"One Thicc Bih" is just that kind of meme.

Memes flit in and out of public consciousness so quickly these days, it's hard to take any new contender very seriously. With so many social networks vying for your attention, each cluttered with whatever the zeitgeist is obsessed with in that moment, it takes a truly intrepid bit of memetic creativity to transcend the likes of Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram all at once.

The great things about memes is that they spring from nowhere as often as they spring from moments of pop culture infamy. The "One Thicc Bih" meme should be considered one of the latter, as it exploded onto the scene when someone creatively tapped, a music clip generator from 2015, to fashion some humorously illicit lyrics just a few weeks ago.
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