Picking the top 10 Eminem songs is almost impossible, (Complex magazine had trouble narrowing it down to 100). So keep in mind that the list is based solely on my opinion, and you have every right to disagree. 

When Rolling Stone published their best MC list it definitely sparked a few debates about who should be on top. They chose Eminem as the best MC, so we've decided to run down the top 10 songs from some of their list, starting at the top. 

  • 10

    'My Band'


    One of the things that does not get enough attention is loyalty. D12 was a group formed of unknown Detroit MC's hoping to make it big. When Eminem made it big he could have easily ditched Proof, Bizarre and the rest of D12 chasing fame. Instead they stayed loyal to each other and made some dope tracks. Eminem even gave them the stage at his sold out Comerica Park show with Jay Z. 'My Band' is my favorite D12 track and starts off the 10 best songs from Eminem.

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    '8 Mile Road'


    It's almost impossible to hear the beginning of this song without picturing The Shelter in Detroit. 'Lose Yourself' was the song that hit big on the charts, but this is the song that captured the feeling of the movie. '8 Mile Road' has a beat that resonates long after the song is over, and that's a big reason it is number 9.

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    'Cleanin Out My Closet'


    'Cleanin Out My Closet' is everything Eminem is all wrapped up into one song. It has the personal life problems, mixed with great lyrical skill and just enough comedy to keep it light. We don't have the luxury of knowing what songs were written while he was heavily using drugs, but this is one I would really like to know. This is a far cry from the top Eminem song, but at number 8 on the list, its definitely the most complete.

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    'Marshall Mathers'


    'Marshall Mathers' is another classic example of what Eminem does well. He makes himself likable by telling you how much you shouldn't like him, or how much he hates other people. It's a weird formula that in theory should not work, but after selling eleventy-billion CD's, I'd say its going alright for him. The 7th best Eminem song is not only his namesake, but the name of one of his most successful albums.

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    Is there a better song to describe Eminems relationship history than 'Superman'? It seems like every girl he is (or is rumored) to be dating becomes the topic of his next lyrical rant. It's another example of his "I hate you and me" personality that wins over his audience. 'Superman' just so happens to win over a large segment of his female audience. One point that should not go unnoticed about 'Superman' is how lyrical it is while still maintaining a solid story line. All these factors make it Eminems 6th most popular song.

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    Eminem ft. Jay-Z

    'Renegade' is a very important song in the history of Eminem in my opinion. Em was always known as a great rapper, but it wasn't until he shared the mic with Jay-Z that he was tossed into the "All-Time Greats" discussion. This was a song never meant for an album, that was completely blown up by fan reaction. It ended up being one of the most anticipated moments during the "Home and Home" tour featuring both Jay and Em. 'Renegade' will find a spot on my top 20 Hip Hop songs of all time list, and it's number 5 on the "Best Of Eminem" list.

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    'Lose Yourself'


    'Lose Yourself' is probably the majority of peoples favorite Eminem songs. For a solid year you couldn't go outside, turn on the radio or the TV without hearing at least the beginning of this song. That might be the reason that I did not put higher on the list. The fact is, that this is a great song, and I have nothing negative to say about it, other than the fact that I turn it off if it ever comes on. If you would ever like to throw stones at any of my musical opinions, 'Lose Yourself' not being in the top 3 of Eminems best songs, is definitely the time to throw.

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    'Guilty Conscience'

    Eminem ft. Dr Dre

    I have to come clean with you about something. 'Guilty Conscience' is actually my favorite song that features Eminem. The reason that it is at 3 on the best of Eminem list, is because I don't think it is the "best" Eminem song. Let me explain; the beat is by Dre and most of the references are to Dre's past. The concept is genius, and it's strong lyrically. The reason it's number 3, is that I think Dre contributes just as much to this song as Em does, so how could it be the best Eminem song?

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    Eminem ft. Dido

    If there were a blueprint of how to make a timeless and compelling hit song, 'Stan' is it. When Lil Wayne asked to make a sequel to this he said he felt honored to work on such an iconic song. 'Stan' does a great job of telling the story from both sides of the coin. It is one of the few records out that while listening to it, you almost forget that its a rap song. You forget that the beat is dumb, that every rhyme is on point and you fall into the story of Stan. This could easily be considered Eminems best song, if it weren't for the actual number 1 song on the list.

  • 1

    'The Way I Am'


    'The Way I Am' is number 1 on the "10 Best Eminem Songs" list for for many different reasons. The unique cadence, the lyrical content, the simple beat mixed with a piano harmony. What sets 'The Way I Am' apart from the other songs on the list is emotion set in the song. The fact that Eminem is telling real stories through the song, and wearing his heart on the mic. This is a song that will forever go down as one of my all time favorites, and easily tops my list. What songs would you put on your list?