It is time for ridiculous cold weather in our area so its time to remind you of the top five ways to stay warm in Flint. Do not think of the ordinary practices to reduce the chills because nothing in Flint is ordinary. Keep warm my friends. Yesterday morning I woke up to several, well too many, screen shots of the temperature outside. I understand we have had abnormally warm weather in Flint but please don't forget, it gets cold in the 810. So I decided today to help you all stay warm in Flint because it seems like you may have forgot.

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    Take wood from an abandon house for your fireplace

    Its time for us to use those homes for more that just ugly eye sores. Take a couple of pieces of wood from those home and use them for the fireplace. I do not know if this is legal so don't say Club 93.7 told you to take the wood if you're caught. We have to take opportunities from bad situations to help us in a positive way. Burn that wood and stay warm my friends.

    Andrew Burton, Getty Images
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    Dance to as many songs on Club 93.7 before you pass out.

    You should already practice this activity but if you are late, get started. Moving around produces body heat that can help keep you warm. If you don't want to go outside to the gym for cardio, just listen live online and dance the night away. The benefit of staying warm and burning some much needed calories is a win-win. Time your self and make sure you do not pass out.
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    Take shots of Whiskey

    Please do not act like you have never heard of taking shots of Whiskey to stay warm. Okay, well let me be the first to keep it real, this is my first time hearing about taking shots of Whiskey to stay warm. I don't drink alcohol but to my friends who do, pour up because I'm told you will stay warm up instantly. You drink at the club and bars all the time and never get cold. Think about it. It has to work, right?

    David Silverman, Getty Images
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    Gather around an arson fire that you DID NOT start.

    Okay, this maybe dangerous but you will keep warm. I hope & pray that arson fires will end in Flint but until then, use this source of heat. As many abandoned homes in Flint that have been burned to the ground you would think we would've gathered around them from a safe but warm distance in the winter to keep warm. I assume this is a perfect place to insert the old saying, "When you are given lemons, make lemonade."

    Desolate Places, Flickr
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    Burn stacks of overdue bills

    The bill collectors didn't just send you that payment notice on paper for nothing. Grab those over due bills and burn them up to help stay warm. The warmth of the heat will be satisfying but the feeling of see those financial statements disappear maybe priceless. Make sure you have made payment arrangements first. Seriously, Lol.