Trey Songz is a busy man. His five-song EP "Inevitable" just came out and he also just finished filming a remake of a legendary scary movie. Not only did he drop the video for his first single with Fabolous, but he talks about filming a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

On his EP, Trey said:

"Today, it's kind of difficult to make a conscious record and still be successful, however brash that sounds. As much as is going on in the world, people aren't really checking for that real conscious record. They want to dance, they want to hear bragging, all that stuff. With that song, it was about telling people I worked hard for what I have-and I have a lot. I'm very fortunate. But by that same token, I will give back to as many people as I can."

He also just wrapped up filming "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D," which drops in October.

He said:

"It's going to be crazy. It's very real. Especially when you put yourself in the mind-set that it is real, it's an ill experience."