Busta Rhymes joined Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest on stage at the Barclays Center for a throwback performance of 'Scenario.'  Tribe is opening up for the Kanye West, but Busta and Tip have another project they would like to tell us about.

'The Abstract and The Dragon' mixtape, is set to drop on Dec. 12. 'The Abstract,' of course, refers to Tip, while 'The Dragon' is a nod to the fire-spitting talents of Bussa Bus.  Check out the official artwork for 'The Abstract & The Dragon' below.

The mixtape will arrive just weeks after hip-hop celebrated the 20th anniversary of A Tribe Called Quest's 'Midnight Marauders,' on which they teamed up with Busta for 'Oh My God.' They hooked up even earlier though on 1991's 'Scenario' when Busta was a member of the now-defunct Leaders of the New School collective.

So when they hit the stage at The Barclays, it only made sense that the crowd would yell, "HERE WE GO YO!"