Today we're awarding two idiots of the day when two Florida teens break into a high school to have sex, vandalizing vending machines. Really, who does that?

Vincent Ewell, 18, and Lindsay Longbottom, 19, are accused of breaking into a Dayton, Florida high school to get their freak on.  The idiots decided to vandalize the vending machine while spreading their love on textbooks.

The two lovers were seen driving away from the school at 3 a.m. by cops and later detained.  The cops really couldn't figure out why they just broke into the school for munchies.  Longbottom decided to reveal the true according to HuffingtonPost,

Officers say Longbottom told them they broke into the high school because they needed a place to have sex where her boyfriend wouldn't find out.

Both of the idiots were charged with burglary and Ewell caught the criminal mischief. I don't think Longbottom will ever get back with her boyfriend after this one.  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.