Flint's Park West Apartment complex was the scene of one of our city's most tragic murders, to date as two men and a nine year old boy were gunned down inside their apartment.

ABC12 reports that a maintenance man found them around 7:45 a.m., and investigators believe the shootings could have happened about 45 minutes earlier.

Police are awaiting autopsies before releasing the names and ages of the victims.  They are scheduled for Tuesday.  Elizabeth Allen identified one of the men killed as her brother - 25-year-old James Allen.  Tonya Lewis identified herself as the mother and grandmother of the two other victims. She said her son was in his early 20s and that her grandson was just 9 years old.

So far there hasn't been any suspect information given, and no one has been arrested in connection with the triple homicide.

News like this is NEVER easy to hear, and the fact that most people in our city are used to it is upsetting.  The country is in an uproar over the Trayvon Martin verdict, but I'm willing to bet that people who are voicing their opinion so animatedly about that, will never bother to chime in on this murder.  A murder in our town, where the killer may never actually be found because of a "No Snitches" mentality.

The sad truth is that marches, rallies and activists can't change anything until neighbors stop living in fear and point the finger at the people committing crimes.