Tyga admits to lying on game show video, insist he's from Compton.  The Young Money rapper appeared on a game show and revealed that he was living well off and parents riding Range Rover at the age of 18. Tyga has rapped and promoted the rags to riches lifestyle story which recent was under scrutiny.

In hip-hop, it is very hard for rappers to rap about anything outside of rags to riches.  The rags to riches story can be worked around as seen with rapper J. Cole who talked about being a struggling college student trying to make a rap career happen. But for a rapper to grow up well off and then say they had humble beginnings, could kill their career.

According to TMZ, Tyga is saying that he lied on the game show video but he's from Compton.  At the time of the taping Tyga claims he was living well off but only for a temporary period.  Tyga says he returned to live in Compton.

Sources close to Tyga says that he is not worried about a video clip surfacing on the internet trying to embarrass him.  The Young Money emcee plans to make more money and hit records.

Are you sold on Tyga clearing the air about the game show footage and his upbringing?