Tyler The Creator was on BET 106&Park when he told the world that Iggy Azalea stinks, and that she has a fake booty.  Iggy took a moment to respond to her ex-boyfriend on Twitter.

Nobody was quite sure what to do when Tyler lashed out at his ex while on BET, but that didn't stop him from throwing some more insults Iggy's way.  She responded on Twitter afterward, and Tyler seemed to quickly change his tune.

Iggy started with this tweet

This prompted a few tweets back and forth between the former couple, but when the smoke cleared, this is the only tweet that wasn't deleted by Tyler.

I wouldn't be surprised if this turns into something bigger, just because both Iggy and Tyler are pretty reckless with a mic and there are obviously still feelings between them.

The good news is that Iggy was able to shake off the shade, and put on a great show for Jimmy Kimmel.