Uncle Luke wrote a letter to Wiz Khalifa addressing Wiz breaking a cardinal rule in Hip-Hop which in his mind is not dating other rappers ex's. I was unaware of this rule and didn't know that it was taken so seriously. He actually uses some good examples though. He claims that Wiz dating Kayne's Ex Amber Rose is breaking the rule, not too mention she's an ex stripper who is only there to hog the spotlight.

This is interesting because I myself thought it was kind of strange that Wiz was so infatuated with Amber and in such a short time. I'm not sure what she does well but she must do something well. Kanye and Wiz had a break run in at a show a couple months ago and I think it's safe to say that we wont be hearing them do a track together anytime soon. Here are some of the quotes from the letter. What do you think?

"Wiz Khalifa needs to have his head examined. The boy behind the hit "Black & Yellow" has lost his mind over a woman interested only in hogging his spotlight. For months, Wiz has been dating former stripper Amber Rose, whose claim to fame is that her ex-boyfriend is Kanye West. Khalifa even tattooed the girl's name on his hand. Now he's beefing with Kanye

But Wiz Khalifa broke a cardinal rule in the rap game. You don't date another rapper's ex-girlfriend. See, when a rapper makes a commitment to one girl, he takes the relationship seriously. Rappers aren't like celebrity football and basketball players, who pass around exes like mustard."

Read the whole letter here.