15 years after Notorious BIG was shot and killed an unreleased interview has surfaced online.

The interview was shot on the scene of his video shoot for 'Warning' and Biggie talks pretty openly about his family, fame and his name.

In it, he said: " I don't even need to be trippin' off that as long as my peoples is with me, my peoples is having a good time, my mom's is alright, my daughter's alright, it's all good. That fame, I leave that alone. That's where the ego starts. They start hating you and they really wanna stick you for your paper for real."

He also explained why the "Biggie Smalls" nickname was no longer getting used.

He said: "How is it being Biggie? It's big. Notorious B.I.G. It's the first time cause I got some papers in the mail. The original Biggie Smalls said he's gonna sue me for everything I got if I use his name again. We gotta get some kind of money so please, anybody if you see me, my name is the Notorious B.I.G. You can call me BIG, Notorious, whatever. No more Biggie Smalls. That is dead, wet. Please don't ever call me that again cause I'll be coming to your house to eat when I'm dead a** broke. For real, they ain't playing. They're real serious this time."

Rare Notorious BIG Interview