Usually the spouse who's been cheated on gets violent but an upset son punched his cheating father in a Dave and Buster's parking lot, sending the father to the hospital.  This crowns the son as the ultimate mama's boy.

Taylor Harris, 21 years old, was having dinner with his parents when he noticed his dad was receiving text messages from a woman other than his mother. After seeing his father receive several messages, Taylor went outside to the parking lot of the restaurant to calm down.

Taylor's father, Leonard Harris, went after his troubled son.  Leonard reportedly went outside after his son even after hearing verbal warnings from Taylor for him not to come outside.  Things get tricky because Taylor told police that he went outside to cool off but other reports say Leonard was attacked by his son.

Taylor punched his cheating dad so hard that he fell out cold on the concrete.  Leonard head hit the ground that it left him unconscious and needing to be resuscitated.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, this is what happened.

The father followed but appeared to be walking away when the son swore, pushed his dad and hit him once in the face. A witness later told deputies, "When the victim fell and hit the concrete … she could hear the victim's head hit the concrete three car lengths away," the report stated.

This is a crazy story because the son hospitalized his dad with one punch.  I don't know what is more damaging, the cheating or the fight.  Taylor Harris has been arrested without bail for serious charges while his dad is recovering in the hospital.