Usher is surprisingly calm under pressure or he was just so scared that he couldn't muster up the words.  Either way you can listen to the 911 call to the authorities on June 24, when a crazy stalker claiming to be his wife was found trespassing on his property in Georgia.

This was the second time that the woman breached security and found her way onto the property. She was previously removed by a member of the R&B star’s personal security detail the first time but didn’t get the message that she was not welcome.

Usher speaks in hushed tones throughout the call, and that makes it hard to understand him.  He keeps insisting that “I don’t know this woman… she rang my doorbell.” He also says, “She’s obviously a fan of some sort.”

According to TMZ, once the cops showed up, the woman, Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw, 26, claimed that she was married to Usher. Since Usher is single, the authorities moved quickly to arrest her.

The worst part is that Usher’s actual ex-wife Tameka is using this incident as fodder for their bitter custody battle. It makes you wonder who the crazy one actually is!

Listen to Usher’s 911 Call