Usher is loved by millions of women (ahem, and some men) around the world and he has even loved some of them back!

26-year-old Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw has taken her love for Usher a little too far though, and caused him to take out a restraining order on her.

She recorded a video response to the order for all of our enjoyment.

Usher claims Darshelle showed up uninvited to his home in Georgia with the intention of harassing him and his family. She pounded on his front door and demanded to be let in. Cops were called to the scene, where they warned Darshelle to stay away from the property and told her not to come back. Darshelle left, but not for long.

Usher claims she returned the very next day. Cops were once again called and Darshelle tried to convince officers she was Usher's wife and had misplaced her keys. Cops didn't buy the story and arrested the woman.

Darshelle posted a YouTube video claiming Usher has been secretly sending her cash since last year, promising to make living arrangements for her. She also says he promised to help with her music career.

Darshelle Addresses The Accusations