Usher has put in motion to offer estranged wife more child support money.  Last weekend Usher's stepson was declared brain dead after a jet ski accident.  The R&B singer and soon to be ex-wife have been dealing with a lot concerning this issue.

Usher decided to take the high road and offer Tameka more money and majority of the custody with the kids.  While in the hospital with Tameka, Usher suggested they make a settlement but nothing significantly different.  Tameka shot the offer down.

The 'Lemme See' singer took the high road and offered more money and more custody.  This is rare to see someone offer more to settle this issue.  I believe Usher made the decision to offer up more to get the fighting over with.

I commend Usher for what he is doing.  I would have never thought anyone would make a decision like this.  I hope things workout for the Usher and Tameka.  Keep them in your prayers.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Usher spoke with Tameka over the weekend and suggested that they settle up, but he did not significantly change his offer -- 50/50 custody with a very slight increase in child support. Tameka said no way.

But apparently Usher softened after the conversation, because our sources say he met with his lawyers earlier this week and instructed them to craft a new proposal that would give Tameka "a majority" of custody, though the sources did not specify the exact breakdown. We're told Usher is also raising his child support offer "significantly."

As for Usher's motivation ... we're told he's very conscious that Tameka is suffering and it's not a good move to continue the fight under the circumstances.