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Usher is fighting his ex-wife over his kids.  Usher is trying to prevent ex-wife Tameka from getting full custody of his children.  TMZ broke the story that Tameka, ex-wife of Usher, is asking the Georgia courts to grant her full custody of the children due to fact she feels Usher is a terrible father for the children.

Not only is she accusing Usher of being terrible father, she is also making allegations that Usher canceled her Saks 5th Avenue credit card.

Today, we find out that Usher is fighting back by writing the Georgia courts saying Tameka claims are all false.  Which ever side is telling the truth, the kids are suffering the most during this fight.

I hope things get cleared up on the court date of February 27th.

TMZ broke the story ... Tameka Raymond asked a Georgia court last month for full custody of their twokids -- claiming Usher has continually dropped the ball as a parent ... failing to get her permission to travel with their kids, hiring nannies without her approval ... the list goes on.

Tameka also claimed Usher callously closed her Saks 5th Avenue credit card -- and now she can't take advantage of the "special benefits" the card offers.

But Usher claims it's all BS -- filing his own response in the ongoing custody battle ... asking a judge to reject Tameka's request for full custody, on grounds her allegations are false.

Usher and Tameka currently share joint physical custody of the kids.

As TMZ previously reported, Tameka has also tried numerous times to get the judge to force Usher to submit to a drug test. So far, no luck.