The Tigers find themselves in a tough spot after losing game 3 to the A's in their best of 5 playoff series.  The Tigers may have found a rallying point though, thanks to V-Mart letting Grant Belfour know exactly what he thought.

The tigers were frustrated, losing 6-3 at the time and Belfour was jawing away on the mound as usual.  Pitchers routinely talk to themselves while pitching, for all types of reasons but usually never to rile up a batter.

V-Mart must have heard a few un-choice words and decided to stare Belfour down, and that's when thing escalated.

F-Bombs were dropped.  Lots of them.

Tempers flared, and in the end nobody was fined or ejected.  The whole incident was pretty insignificant in the big picture, but Tiger fans everywhere are hoping that this gives Detroit the spark it needs.  Game 4 starts tonight at 5pm on TBS.

The most entertaining thing about this whole altercation is how fast it happened.  In the words of the legendary Ron Burgundy: