This post appeared on the Rosenberg Police Department Facebook page over the weekend, and the internet exploded.  Sgt. Soltura has become a celebrity after the video was put online, and he says its all part of "Community Policing."

The idea that taking time to help the people of your community, is just as important as taking time to punish people, should be practiced more in our world today.

The boy, Jermaine Ford, was standing alone with a football when Sgt. Soltura pulled up in his cruiser.  Instead of asking him what he was doing, or where his parents were, Soltura simply told him to go long.  Sgt. Soltura told the story to FOX 26.

Ford was asked how he felt after the video has gained so much popularity, and he said now he wants to be a football player or a police officer.  Jermaine is pictured below with his mom.