Footage of Wale sharing his opinion on  Rick Ross' drive by shooting has hit the internet.  In a radio interview, Wale speaks on the reaction from the fans.  You may be surprised on what he had to say.

While in Florida, Rick Ross was the target of a drive by shooting.  No one has been arrested in the investigation but speculation on why he was shot at is still up in the air.  Some rumors claim that Ross was the target of gang violence.  Other rumors says Ross had purchased a house in the area and residents were not happy about it.  No matter what you believe, something happened and it was serious.

Rick Ross' rival 50 Cent used Instagram to voice his opinion of the shooting the same morning of the incident.  I don't think you will ever hear a 50 Cent and Rick Ross song anytime soon. Since the shooting Rick Ross has hired 24-hour armed security to make sure he's safe.

Wale believe the media has blown things out of proportion.  The Maybach Music Group emcee even talks about seeing the reactions on Twitter.  Check out the clip below from the interview to see if you agree with Wale's statements.