The Walking Dead is promising more zombies and even more violence in the upcoming fourth season.  Check out the, behind the scenes, season preview of everyone's favorite 'biter show'.

I was a season late jumping on the Walking Dead bandwagon, but after my wife made me sit down to watch the show I was hooked.  Sunday nights became reserved for putting the kids to bed early and watching some post apocalyptic goodness.

Something happened recently though that made me lose a little interest in the show . . . and it's very possible that I'm alone on this.

Somewhere around the introduction of the Governor, the show started to take a downward turn for me.  I don't know if it just became too drama filed, or if I just wasn't buying into the storyline.  I really just think that surviving in a world of zombies who want to eat you, is interesting enough.

Do you really have to introduce a charming yet disturbed leader and his science gifted assistant who have decided that killing the star of the show is more important than actually surviving?

Maybe season 4 will be able to bring me back in, but it looks like the conflict between Rick's crew and the Governor aren't ending anytime soon.