DMX was arrested in South Carolina last week for DUI, and while DMX being arrested isn't surprising news, the video of X falling asleep in the cop car is entertaining.

In the video DMX admits that he probably shouldn't be behind the wheel, then explains that he doesn't have his license.

"I don't have a license with me, sir," he told the state trooper when he was pulled over. "I don't have a license with me. I have my ID."

X then tells the trooper that his license is suspended because of child support, among other things he mumbled.  DMX was then put through a sobriety test, which he allegedly failed. Although he did repeat his ABCs correctly.

DMX is one of the people that you know is going to get into trouble, but you can't help but root for them anyway.  Eventually he will be released and a Rough Ryder reunion will be announced . . . only to be cut short by DMX being arrested for falling asleep in a Walmart bathroom or something.

Remember that one time when DMX called Drake to work out their problems?  You should probably click the picture below to watch what happened.