'Weird Al' is back in plaid, stripes, and Crocs as he drops 'Tacky', which is a perfect play off of Pharrell's 'Happy'.

Weird Al does more than just dress tacky though, he also sets a laundry list of tacky behaviors that we see everyday.

His new album 'Mandatory Fun' comes out today, and Al sat down to talk about a different strategy for this album. The new set list will feature songs from Iggy Azalea, Lorde and Robin Thicke.  Weird Al explained his strategy for videos this time around:

“In the internet age, things burn very quickly. Things tend to go viral for a day, and I figured, well, okay, I’ll let each one of my videos go viral for a day. I’ll make release week a special event.”

If you have ever doubted Weird Al's lyrical ability, watch him spit in the Epic Rap Battle as Newton below.