I am sitting here trying to come up with a great post to post but I can’t.  I have writers block not because I am having trouble being creative, I am having trouble getting past the violence in Flint.  I have stopped looking at the news sources on my personal time because of the constant coverage.

Now, I do not blame the other news media outlets or even blame them.  It is their jobs to cover what is going on in the City of Flint.  But my problem resides with the people in the community.  Yes, you and I included.

I don’t feel as if enough residents are joining the movement to improve Flint.  I am not blind to the fact there are several factors preventing the City to move in the right direction but we can do better.  I have attended and even emceed events that are put on to bring the community together.  The lack of attendance and support for those events are embarrassing.

We can’t attend and support every event but do you use that excuse not to show up?  Do you sacrifice your time and money for the betterment of your city?  What do you do to help improve Flint?

You may ask, “What are you doing LV to make Flint a better place?”

  • I am not performing any acts of violence to add to the downfall of my hometown.
  • I use my influence, gifts, talents, and money to support positive movements in Flint.
  • I pray on a regular basis for the City of Flint to receive new jobs, stronger education systems, and stronger communities.
  • Helping promote positivity through my job here at Club 93.7.
  • Putting forth an effort to be educated on what is happening in my city.

I want to hear from you.  Take 2-3 minutes to comment on this post and share it with two other people.  Lets spark a conversation that could possible lead to change.