We are looking for the best high school football fans in the area, and we are letting you decide!

I've gone to hundreds of games while working for Club 93.7 & FOX66 and I've seen some absolutely crazy fans, but I want to know who the best fans in the area are.  Here are a few things to look out for at your games before you vote for your school:

  • Packed bleachers where everyone stands the majority of the game
  • Face and or body paint . . . regardless of the temperature
  • Noise, and lots of it (a cowbell or 3 never hurt)
  • Dedication.  Plain and simple, fans come to every game!
  • That one group of kids that will do anything to get the crowd going
  • Extra credit --  Tradition . . . something that your crowd does every game, and everyone knows about it.

So what do you think, does your crowd match any of those requirements?  I'll start off with a few suggestions for you to vote for, but if your school was left off go ahead and write them in.  We will keep voting up for a couple weeks, then celebrate at the winners last home game inside their crowd!