'Rawcus' has used internet gold to create internet gold with his new video for 'White People Crazy.'  The song and video are hilarious, but since this is the internet, there are many people shouting racism.

Here's the quick summary of the concept:

Rawcus took videos of people doing stupid things that have gone viral on the internet.  Most (but not all of them) were white people doing a majority of white people things.  He made the song, then included random black people like Obama, Kanye, Wil I Am, Tyler the Creator and others who also act crazy sometimes.

The point is that there is no racism here.  The song is funny, and the clips are funnier.  For everyone that would shout, "What if I made a video called Black People Crazy?!"

Well, if you made it using the same formula that was used in this video, then it would also not be racist.  In fact, you probably should do it, then roll around in all of the internet money that you'll definitely make.

**Claims to make internet monies for rolling around in are not guaranteed