Nobody has every accused Whitney Houston of being easy to deal with, but what happened yesterday is a little ridiculous.

Whitney was on a Delta flight leaving Atlanta headed for Detroit when she was nearly removed from the plane.

Apparently Whitney thought that the fasten seat belts light was more of a suggestion than a rule.

It's reported that there was a very heated exchange between Whitney and a flight attendant.  After being asked several times to fasten her belt, the flight crew threatened to kick her off of the flight.

Finally Whitney agreed to let one of the crew members to fasten her safety belt for her.  The flight then took off without anymore problems, and Whitney's camp has made no comment about the incident.

I've flown plenty of times, but isn't buckling your seat belt the easiest thing in the world to do?  I'm pretty sure that if you have one good arm, you can take care of that.  Why in the world would she need someone to do it for her?!  This is a new level of Whitney as far as I'm concerned.

Just to show how Whitney's popularity might be slipping, check out one of the few tweets from her official fan Twitter page.