Lil Wayne recently released "Sorry 4 the Wait" and Wiz Khalifa just put out "Amber Kush". Now the question is which one was better? Both of these artist are heavy hitters, Lil Wayne obviously is a veteran, and Wiz is somewhat the new kid on the block when it come to popularity. But just because Wayne is a veteran does not mean his last Mixtape was better that Wiz's.


If you haven't heard these mixtapes they can be downloaded here for free just click on the names. [Wiz Khalifa], [Lil Wayne]

Here's some Negatives and Positives in my opinion

"Sorry 4 the Wait"

  • Felt rushed
  • Lil B was on this mixtape
  • Gucci Gucci remix was pretty dope
  • Did I mention Lil B was on the mixtape?











"Amber Kush"

  • I don't Smoke
  • I wasn't high
  • Some of these tracks should have been on the album
  • Lil B was NOT on this mixtape :)