Well, we know she not dating LV so its really not that important, right? She was with Kanye for a minute. Seen with Fabolous, NBA Baller player in NYC.  Who is the chic with now?

Yup you guessed it, Wiz Khalifa. She could have holla'd at ya boy but its all good. Check out the cat and mouse game they have been running until Amber couldn't do anything but confirm it.

As previously reported, the voluptuous model was spotted in L.A. with the “Black And Yellow” emcee striking speculation that they were an item.

Rose previously called Khalifa her “little brother” but has since taken to Twitter to declare her love for the rapper.

She tweeted late Thursday,

“I need my baby, I'm so in LOVE I don't care what anyone says…my heart is with Cam.”

Wiz's real name is Cameron Thomaz.

When a fan commented on Wiz and Amber's relationship, he replied back “Thass my baby” and told his model girlfriend that he'd like to take her out for a romantic dinner of…uhh…turkey burgers.