I don't think people understand how easy it is to forget how good of a rapper Will Smith use to be. He did go through a rough patch of super cheesy pop music, becoming a household name through TV then as we all know becoming a mega icon through his movies.So when mentioning "good rapper" and "Will Smith" in the same sentence people will easily scoff, then will be shocked when you tell the first Hip Hop artists to win a Grammy are The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

If you think about it Will Smith could be the greatest rappers of all time, on and off the mic. He has a great catalog, he is a household name, he was able to transition from rapper to actor successfully (which a lot of rappers have tried and failed to do), and he is universally loved by everyone.

If he doubt his lyrics check out this vintage video of The Fresh Prince freestyling for Tim Westwood, and check out his confidence.